Kevin Zinger
founder SRH Clothing & Suburban Noize Records

Simply building a brand is not enough - to thrive & prosper it must withstand trends while ingraining itself into the lives of customers. Kevin Zinger's SRH Clothing & Suburban Noize Records has been a model for lifestyle branding since the days when Sublime rocked backyard parties. In fact those So Cal ska pioneers played early SRH shows with other legends like 311, Pennywise & The Offspring. Ever since countless artists & athletes have worn the SRH spade or repped Suburban Noize. Kevin talks about how it all came to be, the heartbreak & bank break of lawsuits and his inspiring father who taught him the power of hypnosis.

Brian Klein
Artist Manager

Seasoned manager Brian Klein takes a break from wrangling DIY crooner Joe Purdy, hit-makers Fitz & The Tantrums, and mad genius Tim Commerford (Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Future User) to talk about all things Music Business. From navigating through record deals (or avoiding them) to trying to stomach Spotify payments to water-boarding tennis legend John McEnroe, you need to be prepared for anything in this is often surreal industry...

Danny Benair
Drummer & Music Publishing Guru

Drummer of several bands including 80's influencers The Three O'Clock, Danny Benair takes us through his storied music career from his days in Los Angeles' Paisley Underground scene to music publishing guru placing artists in TV, film, and all varieties of new media. Danny reveals secrets of the music licensing world, where it's going, and the realities behind big money deals.

Major Label Radio Promo Vet

Chia began her career on the Records side of the music business two decades ago. She illustrates the Label promotions process with stories from working Radio mainstays like The Killers, Fall Out Boy, and Neon Trees. We breakdown the relationship between Record Labels and Radio and how it effects the Artists. We also discuss the dramatic decline in the number of Alternative radio stations over the last 20 years, the evolution of programming Alternative, jumping the format shark, priorities and so much more.

Howard Stern & Jay Leno - Writer & Personality (pt. 2 of 2)

...And now the entertaining conclusion with ex-Howard Stern and Jay Leno writer/personality, "Stuttering John" Melendez. We pick-up with John telling the shocking story of the moment his stutter arrived. He goes on to share his perspective on the brilliance & kindness of Jay Leno, royalty checks both big & small, and the future of Howard Stern - which leads to a colorful discussion on the neutering of radio and our censorship-obsessed culture.

Howard Stern & Jay Leno - Writer & Personality (pt. 1 of 2)

After a 25 year career split between two of the finest hosts in entertainment, Howard Stern and Jay Leno, "Stuttering John" Melendez has more than a few stories to tell (hence the need for two shows). He doesn't hold back when dishing on the pleasures & pitfalls of working for two of the most successful names in their respective fields. John goes in-depth on writer room pressures, on & off-air put-downs, stutter-inducing childhood traumas, his stand-up career, divorce, what really pisses Howard off and much more...

Foo Fighters' Studio 606 manager

Scott Parker is a renaissance Punk Rocker who's worn many hats in the music business and he speaks in-depth and intelligently from his 25 years of experience. Scott explains how Foo Fighters tapped into the REAL beauty of music for their Sonic Highways album. We explore what artists & the music industry can learn from the Seattle Seahawks & the NFL. We talk about the implication of the latest generation not knowing what a "radio" is. Scott also unveils his unique new record label which is likely to be the industry's model in the future.


A modern-day music industry philosopher with sage wisdom and insight only found in a journeyman with a few ups & downs. He advises on cashing-in career favors, breaksdown the 15 year music cycle and walks us through the unlikely Alternative-to-Pop radio crossover - and general mega-success - of AWOLNATION "Sail". Berko talks on new AWOL album, tour plans and his history with front-man Aaron Bruno which goes back two bands and nearly 15 years. With his roots in A&R, Berko, shares hits & misses and four words to live by that will change your life.


After 35 years in the newspaper business Kevin Bronson took his LA Times "hobby" column Buzzbands and launched - quickly becoming the go-to spot for all things music discovery in Los Angeles. Kevin's been called "the last great music journalist" and his track record for picking talent reads like a who's who of industry success and radio stardom. Take note as he runs-down his list of the hottest artists coming out of So Cal. Kevin is an intelligent, incredibly insightful music-head with fascinating comments on sonic trends, writers block, music festivals, the media scramble for revenue and where this newsman gets his news.

Dream Team Directors

Music Videos: art interpreting art. It's an essential part of a song's identity and can make it sink or swim. Daniel & Bayou have a storied film & music video career with an in-depth understanding of pop culture and visual storytelling. They share valuable insight on developing an artist's brand, the generational differences in the music business and a few film and social media secrets. We walk down music video memory lane to discuss the ground-breakers of yesterday (Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters, Beastie Boys) and today (OK Go, Lana Del Rey, MGMT). You may never look at music videos the same way again.

Program Director @ KIIS in LA

Equal parts musician & radio junkie, John Ivey found his way onto the radio at age seven. His experiences since span half a century, to tap into his insight I present a wide range of industry topics: singles (hits & misses), egos, Bono, radio edits, guitars, his retirement, NEW music, layoffs vs firings, the art of programming, John's affinity for Nick Jones - too name a few. Any Stories? Plenty, from Pit Bull to The Black Keys and Taylor Swift to Jimmy Buffett. Perhaps most endearing (and priceless) is John's humble Southern drawl and frank-yet-wise advice and knowledge peppered throughout this fascinating conversation.

Writer @ High Voltage Magazine

Police officer, Homeland Security, TSA Agent, Social Worker, US Army vet, Music Journalist: this is just a taste of the fascinating resume of Trina Green who dedicates her daylight hours to public service while in the evening devouring the Los Angeles music scene and chronicling it for High Voltage. Trina, with golden, well-versed ears, shares her picks for the next crop of bands to become household names. Are you listening to any of these artists? You should.

C05 Music

Radio Promo vet, Todd Sievers, takes on a couple tough, long-standing questions: what does it take to get a song get on radio & how much will it cost? With 20+ years in the music business, which began under Rick Rubin's direction at Def American, Todd shares his insight from working with Rick Rubin & Marc Geiger to more recent CO5 projects with AWOLNation, Metric, OK Go, Smashing Pumpkins, The Shins & Dirty Heads. Eleven years ago Todd, alongside Tracy Brown, co-founded CO5 Music, an innovative artist resource company that continues to blaze trails in the music business. It's an honest, even sobering, look at the competitive world of radio air-play.

President of Elektra Records

Before hipsters and $20 cocktails, Silver Lake had Dangerbird Records, an indie label co-founded by Jeff Castelaz. Prior to managing and record deals, he had his first taste of the business as a musician in Milwaukee. Jeff discusses his early connection and relationship with music and the role it has played throughout his life - right down to the type of artists he signs. After a lifetime of being on the "indie side", Jeff explains how an early morning revelation resulted in a major career change. Jeff opens up about the loss of his son Pablo to cancer, the evolution of The Pablove Foundation, and offers sounds advice and comforting words to families coping with the illness of a loved one.

Brand & Content developer / Artist Manager

One of the most important aspects to an artists’ success is their image, their brand. Without an identity you’ll never stand out - no one understands this more than Jared Sagal. From small town New Mexico, to pro soccer player to musician to street interviewer, Jared has a hell of a story. He and shares interviewing horror stories and his take on what he believes to be the future of music content and consumer demand – it’s brilliant and, most likely, spot on.

"Close To Home" Host / Artist Manager

JJ represents the future of the Radio & Records business. Though only in his mid-20s, JJ's experiences managing artists and working in radio have far exceed his years. His keen ear for talent has resulted in earlier airplay for many chart toppers over the last few years like Imagine Dragons, The Neighbourhood, Grouplove, and many others. JJ discuss the next crop of chart-toppers bubbling out of the Los Angeles music scene. The LA Native and Darren also praise the benefits of juicing, debate the benefits of higher eduction and explore the benefits of radio now and in the years to come. Lastly, JJ reveals for the first time the shocking health hazards of a corporate career.

Radio Promotions @ Hitz

Ted Volk is the guy behind the guy. With nearly a 25 year career in radio promotions, he's worked behind the scenes with some of the biggest names in Rock over the last quarter century. Ted begins with some priceless experiences he had with Kurt Cobain during the promo tour for Nirvana Nevermind in 1991. Ted relays lessons he learned about radio singles from working the early careers of Counting Crows, Weezer and Kongos. This follows a debate about radio singles and the Alternitve format’s direction. Finally Ted explains why he’s surprised he still has a job...

Program Director @ The Edge in Tulsa, OK

Veteran Radio DJ & Programmer, record collector and Morrissey fanatic, Josh is an open book and straight shooter. He explains how he was laid off twice by the same company within a few years, how Macklemore & Ryan Lewis changed his career, and how a childhood idol let him down this year at SXSW. We debate music scheduling and what dictates song placement on radio. Plenty of stories are told and names dropped - like the private group therapy session with Coldplay’s Chris Martin...

Artist Manager @ The Management Group

This is a Music Biz 101 crash course - a must listen for anyone in a band, working with a band, or in love with a band. With 15 years of artist & band management under his belt, Pete has experienced it all! He breaks down the four MUST-HAVEs a band or artist needs for a shot at success. Pete also share’s the most valuable lesson he’s learned in his career.

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