Swollen Memebers / BattleAxe Warriors

An underground MC from BC who hustled his way to the top - winning Juno Awards and selling multi-platinum records - then drugs took hold and took everything. Madchild survived (and thrives) telling his story as only he can with valuable insight on addiction & recover, failure & hard-work, Artist integrity, and building an empire of Fans to last a lifetime. An eye-opening, memorable conversation...

of Capital Cities

As one-half of Capital Cities, Sebu gives us insight on the band's meteoric rise over the last few years. We jump into the anatomy of their sync & single smash "Safe & Sound" and debate the effects of Pop music on the Alternative format. Sebu lays out the timeline for the Capital Cities' sophomore album, premiers new music, remixes and reveals some crazy upcoming collaborations.

Kyuss / Fu Manchu / Vista Chino

Raised in Palm Desert two hours east of Los Angeles, Brant Bjork found his way into playing the local underground punk scene by the age of 13. In high school he collected the finest musicians in the desert and established what became Kyuss: one of the most influential Rock bands of the late 80's/early 90's era. In the 25 years since founding Kyuss, Brant tells stories of battling fame, depression, lawsuits and publication deals. He shares his potpourri of musical influences and how the surrounding Coachella Valley landscape contributed to his pioneering the still-imitated Desert Rock sound. The sound continues as Brant Bjork and his Low Desert Punk band will return to the desert for a local show in April at Coachella.

Blind Melon

Not only did Brad Smith write the generation-defining song "No Rain", but he also works wonders with a hammer & nails. His knowledge of construction & acoustics is both fascinating and well-applied to his Studio Wishbone. Just a boy from Mississippi, Brad arrived in LA and began busking future hit songs on Venice Beach before forming Blind Melon. Brad talks about success, death, fame, songwriting and the disturbing evolution of the music business over the last 25 years. His genuine insight on major labels, music services, radio and who's making all the money in the music business is a perspective you must hear...

artist / producer / musician

An Aussie from an Irish Folk-singin' family, Andy has carved out an unlikely niche of innovative electro-punk. He was force-fed the violin at age 4 and has since mastered a wide variety of music-making devices. His talents come together in a high energy LIVE show akin to a religious experience. We dive into the theory of "perfection happening when things go wrong." We talk the impact of the 90's Rave scene, the brilliance of LCD Soundsystem and the vast differences between Aussie & US radio. With entertaining passion and vast music knowledge, you'll quickly understand why Andy Clockwise is an "Alien of Extraordinary Ability".

Dark Waves

Despite performing just a few live shows and with only an EP in the discography, Nick Long's latest project, Dark Waves, has already been snatched up by a label. "Remarkable things happen when you leave the house" - we discuss this concept as well as break-ups, mortgage scams, excesses, getting nude in public and songwriting muses. Nick reveals the worst piece of news you could hear at 6am, talks about recording in the Foo Fighters footsteps, re-inventing yourself as an artist - and that's only a part of the story.


Los Angeles has one of the most acclaimed & influential music scenes in the world and many women help make it that way. A few of them came over to hangout. With combined efforts throughout the industry, front office to front women, we talk building a movement & community through music, unsung heroes of the business, the new LA Music legacy and the dilemmas of playing a Nudist Festival. Name-dropping and name-errors don't mask the fact this is an intelligent and insightful conversation with women who are impassioned by their art and making difference.

Sublime / Long Beach Dub All-Stars

Marshall Goodman, aka Ras MG, is a producer, drummer, turntablist, song writer and key player in the creation of what has become the "So Cal Sound". An instrumental part of Sublime, he shares personal stories and insight into his relationship with the band's prolific, talented, yet substance-troubled front-man Bradley Nowell. Ras gets into the creative process of several Sublime hits: the serendipitous sample in "Doin' Time", the quick magic of the #1 Alt-Rock standard "What I Got", the deep meaning of "April 29, 1992". Ras is a deep, thought provoking artist with a valuable prespecitve.

rapper / actor

Slaine's story starts on the streets of Boston and since the age of 9 his life's saga has been chronicled in meticulously crafted rhymes. But it would take 10 more years of penning raps before Slaine's first lyrics were dropped live on stage. Movies & music are equal passions for Slaine who tells the tale of getting kicked out of film school in New York only to be sought out and cast years later by Ben Affleck. With an ingenious knack for hustlin', Slaine revels freely in past missteps, newly sober, he discusses his prior relationship with drugs & booze. From being homeless, to being a father, from working street corners, to working with hip hop legends - Slaine tells a great story that informs, cautions and entertains.

The Last Internationale

A rapper & scholar turned guitar shredder meets a shy folk-singer. They bond over politics and build an epic Rock platform with a message: The Last Internationale. The NYC natives talk about 9/11's impact on their lives and share the social issues they see effecting this country the most. Solutions are offered, capitalism is debated, and TLI's debut album We Will Reignis discussed. Feel Edgey's infectious enthusiasm as he explains the Stanley Kubrick inspired latest single "Wanted Man". It's a deep, unique, honest conversation with an important band on a mission.

The Mowgli's

As indie rock's Wu-Tang Clan, The Mowgli's, are a harmonizing, heartfelt, 7-piece, on-stage party from LA with one of the hardest working stories in music. Katie & Josh tell about the band's busking days and how they pulled off playing 3-5 shows a week on LA's west side. Now it's nationwide tours with songs on radio, TV, film, video games - one is even a city's anthem. They share social media strategy, career advice, their stance on modern-day bullying and reveal details about their second full length album. The couple opens up about how tour-life enabled them to "feel the love" for each other - it's a true rock-n-roll love story.

Pearl Jam / Candlebox / Unified Theory

Dave shares stories of gigging around Seattle's Punk-Metal scene in the late 80's when bands like Mother Love Bone, Alice in Chains & Soundgarden played the bar scene. He illustrates the immediate chemistry during those first Pearl Jam rehearsals with Jeff Ament & Stone Gossard. He gets in-depth recalling the Ten sessions: the quick brilliance of "Alive", the haunting flow of "Black" and the labor of love that became "Even Flow". Krusen's love affair with music was coupled with a love affair with alcohol. It would take multiple attempts spanning parts of three decades before Krusen would find permanent sobriety. It's a priceless, incredibly insightful conversation with an instrumental player in Rock history.

Kansas City Bankroll

Noah Engh, front-man of Kansas City Bankroll, is a true DIY musician all the way down to making his own guitar slides and kick drum boots. He picked up his first guitar at age 6 and has yet to put it down - teaching himself a wide variety of styles many of which he demonstrates in this session. With a tireless work ethic, Noah describes how he spent 3 years touring the States as a one-man band before forming Kansas City Bankroll with veteran drummer Scotty Lund and stand-up bassist Tom French. It's an entertaining story with wise perspective from one of Generation Y's most innovative and dynamic guitar players.

Alkaline Trio

After 20 years as an artist, making music, touring, and amassing an undying worldwide fanbase, Matt Skiba has a lot to say about who he works with and the music business. In this in-depth conversation Matt reveals, for the first time publicly, his recent sobriety and the tools he's using to stay sober. We discuss books, film, religion, aging-well, meditation, malt liquor, Matt's ability to write a song in an hour, and yes, even rock stars have tattoos that need covering up. Matt tells a cautionary tale about over-sharing with his ex-wife (the experience turned into a great song). It's an open, intriguing look inside the mind and world of one of modern Punk Rock's heroes.

Manager / The Filthy Souls

The Brits discuss how they arrived Stateside: one because of Wu Tang Clan, the other because of American TV. Their intended short visits turned into successful, influential lives and careers in the LA music scene. The music industry rants & raves are plentiful as Reg and Dave hold no punches in calling out the radio & record business (e.g. their shock-n-awe at hearing a song play on multiple LA radio stations simultaneously - a near impossibility in the UK). The mates agree on what has contributed to their prosperity in the States - it makes for priceless advice transferable to any business.


Sex, drugs, religion, relationships, fashion, songwriting, performing live - Meg Myers covers it all. It's an in-depth conversation with a deep but private woman who has an inspiring, resilient, hardworking musician's story. Meg discusses growing up in a strict Jehovah Witness household, moving frequently often to a car or couch. Eventually she arrived in LA, met manager/co-songwriter Dr. RosenRosen, landed a major Label deal, and debut album. A fascinating story about an artist you need to know.

Comedian / SideOneDummy Records

He's a Punk Rock Renaissance Man with relentless energy and a fierce addiction - which he freely discusses. As his label, SideOneDummy, turns 20 Joe Sib reflects on the triumphs, tribulations, and trends of three decades in the music business. Joe is quizzed on record label revenue, LA radio history, and breaking into the comedy game after 40. The guys talk about the power of strong relationships in this business and Joe offers insightful, inspirational thoughts about finding your way in the entertainment industry.

Dead Sara

How does a Midwest kid go from a billiard hustler and house flipper in Indiana to being in one of coolest, most dynamic rock bands in Los Angeles? Chris Null tells all about his fascinating journey which includes a rare look inside the anatomy of a record deal and how it came to be that Dead Sara signed with major players Epic Records. It’s not all rock talk: we talk marriage, divorce, kids and Chris proves that you can take the hustler out of the Midwest but the hustler will always hustle - Muse finds this out the hard way while touring with Dead Sara.


Hornblower and co-founder of Ozomatli, Uli sits down to talk about 20 years of Ozo music in Los Angeles and around the world. From protest shows in downtown LA and the 1992 LA Riots, to becoming US Cultural Ambassadors and playing for President Obama, Ozo has done and seen it all. After countless world tours, Uli reflects on the band’s experiences performing in Cuba, Vietnam, Jordan, and Mongolia. We talk about Ozo's short run in broadcasting as morning show hosts in LA. Uli colorfully describes how they got fired and his general frustration on how radio is programmed and how listening is measured. An entertaining and insightful look…to say the least.

manager / songwriter / producer / podcaster

New father Dr. RosenRosen, aka Andy Rosen, explains how he went from remixing pop songs to working with one of he hottest emerging female Rock voices. We reminisce about growing up music heads glued to radio and what the state of music consumption will look like for the next generation. For those in need of creative inspiration, the Doctor offers up empowering thoughts about finding yourself as an artist in the music business.

The Airborne Toxic Event

Mikel offers up a songwriting clinic - diving deep into the creative process. The guys also discuss the importance (or unimportance) of a radio single, responsibilities of a record label, as well as everything from backstage antics (or lack there of) to "leading-on" a record company, to love and marriage, to the songs Mikel wishes he wrote and the ones he's writing now. It’s an inspiring session for anyone with a creative bone,

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